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Supported cell phones & PDAs

Cell phones

DictionaryForMIDs should run on all cell phones and PDAs that support JAR-files of sufficient size.
Note: for some cell phone models the manufacturer documents a JAR-file size limit, still DictionaryForMIDs can be installed with bigger sizes. This is the case notably for some Nokia, Motorola and Siemens models.

Starting with version 3 of DictionaryForMIDs also MIDP 2.0 must be supported by the cell phone/PDA. All modern cell phones/PDAs support MIDP 2.0. If you have a very old cell phone that only supports MIDP 1.0, then you can use version 2 of DictionaryForMIDs: you find more about this in the FAQ.

Siemens Nokia Samsung
Sony-Ericsson Motorola Sharp
Alcatel One Touch Symbian OS phones Blackberry
Android Windows Mobile devices Supported PDAs


Tested on 65-series phones.
S65    tested ok with 2 MB JAR-file
CX65  tested ok with 2 MB JAR-file


Should run on all Nokia phones with Symbian OS (these are the high-end phones from Nokia).
For the other models check for the maximum JAR-file size. On on the left side choose under Resources/Device Specifications your model. Then check under Memory the "Max JAR Size".
Remark: not all of the file JAR file limits from are applicable. For example a 6230 seems to be able to run DictionaryForMIDs up to 300 kB (depending on the firmware version ?) even though Nokia documents a file size limit of 125 kB.


Should run on all newer Samsung phones. For older models check if maximim JAR-file size is sufficient.
You can check the details of the phone features when you register at .


Runs fine on the Symbian OS phones (P-series).

But problems still exist for several other SonyEricsson models !! Who can help here ? Anyone who knows a SonyEricsson developer ?? Contact us if you can help !

Version 2.4.2 and newer contain a workaround for problems with some SE models. With versions prior to 2.4.2 on models like S700/K500/K700/K750/Z800 there is an OutOfMemoryError (not with all firmware versions though !). Other workarounds were established in version 3, but there are still errors on several SonyEricsson models ! Support is needed here !

You can check the phone features at .


It seems that DictionaryForMIDs with big sizes run without problems on recent Motorola models.
The best information on Motorola mobiles is found at Just ignore the documented JAR-file size limits, for example for the RAZR V3 the documentation says "Maximum MIDlet suite size 100Kb", but the RAZR V3 works fine with a 3.3 MB DictionaryForMIDs.
You can also check the features for some older phones at
Some less general information can at be found at


For the tm-series:
Should run on tm200 also with big JAR-file sizes.
For tm150 Sharp indicates a limit at 200 kB.

For other models check the information at

Alcatel One Touch

Information about One Touch models is found at (you need to register first).
OT 565    tested ok with Eng-Fra IDP dictionary.

Symbian OS phones

In general DictionaryForMIDs will run on all Symbian OS mobiles for Symbian OS 7.0 and newer. Also many very old models with Symbian OS 6.0 / 6.1 have MIDP support.


DictionaryForMIDs does run on Blackberrys. See the specific page on Blackberrys for more details.


We proudly present the first version of DictionaryForMIDs running natively on Android devices, featuring word look-up and multiple dictionaries (loaded from SD card). For more information see DictionaryForMIDs on Android.

Windows Mobile

DictionaryForMIDs should run on all of those models, for some more informatino see section Supported PDAs below for more.

However if the Tao Intent Java SW is installed on your Windows Mobile device, then there may be an "Invalid JAR" error during the installation of DictionaryForMIDs. This seems to be a bug in the Tao Intent Java SW. Unfortunately the Tao group does not exist anymore as operating company, so getting this problem fixed by Tao will be difficult. Recommendation: install another Java ME / MIDP SW as listed under Supported PDAs below.

Supported PDAs

DictionaryForMIDs should run on basically all PDAs. You need to have installed a Java ME / MIDP SW on your PDA to run DictionaryForMIDs (MIDP is the acronym for Mobile Information Device Profile).

Most PDAs are equipped with a Java ME / MIDP SW; However if your PDA is not yet equipped with MIDP SW, here are a few links on how to obtain such an MIDP SW:

For Windows Mobile/Pocket PC/Smartphone PDAs phoneME is a good solution, see here; some more free MIDP SW products are listed at this link.

For Windows Mobile/Pocket PC/Smartphone PDAs there is also an MIDP SW is available from IBM, you find more information (somewhat older) here:

Also for Palm OS PDAs, the IBM MIDP SW is available (DictionaryForMIDs runs for example with a Treo 650 with IBM's MIDP SW), more information can be found here:

Then click on WME Developer Toolkit for Palm OS in the webpage.

Download 2 files:

1. Java Technology for Palm OS Garnet Toolkit (WEME Release 5.7.1).zip     (or version newer than 5.7.1)

2. IBM WebSphere Everyplace Micro Edition for Palm devices, Release 5.7.1.psi


Run the IBM WebSphere Everyplace program to install the IBM J9 MIDP2.0 package.  Then HotSync your Palm.


Extract the files from "Java Technology for Palm OS Garnet Toolkit" and place them anywhere on your harddrive.  In the Tools\bin directory is the application "jartoprc_w.exe".  Run the application.  Click on the top "Browse" button and select the JAD file for the DictionaryforMIDs dictionary.  Then click the "Generate PRC" button.  Then HotSync your Palm with the PRC file you generated.


For the "older" Palm PDAs, such as the Palm Vx, there is an MIDP SW from Sun ( In DictionaryForMIDs do activate "Bypass charset decoding" (see settings) then the search times should be about 1 second, depending on the dictionary (compared to 20 seconds without "Bypass charset decoding").

I myself, till now, I do not have a PDA, so I can't help you with details for the installation of the MIDP SW. For tests I installed the MIDP SW for a 5-year old Palm Vx that I borrowed from a colleage and there the installation of the MIDP SW worked without any problems.


DictionaryForMIDs should run if the device (cell phone/PDA) supports JAR-file size.