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Running DictionaryForMIDs on Android devices

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The easiest way to download and install DictionaryForMIDs on your Android device is to open up the Android Market and search for DictionaryForMIDs or DfM. If you are on an Android device right now, you can directly access DictionaryForMIDs on Android Market (Market App Link) or scan the QR Code (2D barcode).
Non-Android users can browse the Market using DictionaryForMIDs on Android Market (Website).
You can also preview the app in your browser on AppSurfer. Please note that the version on AppSurfer may not be the most recent one.
If you want to download and install the application manually (only recommended for advanced users) then check the download section.
You should now have DictionaryForMIDs installed, but no dictionary set up. See the next step on how to install dictionaries.

Downloading a dictionary
There are currently three ways for installing a dictionary:
  • Using automatic installation (RECOMMENDED)
  • Using a computer
  • Using your Android device only (DEPRECATED)
Only dictionaries of version 2.4.4 or higher are supported.

Using automatic installation

  1. Start DictionaryForMIDs on your Android device.
  2. Press the MENU button and choose Dictionary.
  3. Click on the tab labeled Download
  4. Wait until the list has loaded, then click on the dictionary you want to install.
  5. Confirm the dialog.
  6. The dictionary is downloaded and installed in the background, you can continue to use your Android device. Check the notifications for status updates. As soon as the installation is completed, the new dictionary appears in the list of recent dictionaries.
Note: Depending on the size of the dictionary and the speed of your internet connection, installation can take quite a while!

Using a computer

  1. Go onto the dictionary website and download a dictionary.
  2. Extract the downloaded zip file into an empty/new directory. That directory should now include a jar file.
  3. As jar files are a special kind of zip file, you should now extract it an empty/new directory.
  4. Connect your Android device to your computer and copy the directory dictionary to your Android's SD card.
  5. Safely disconnect your device (make sure the cable is removed!), start DictionaryForMIDs on your device and navigate to the dictionary and load it.
Note: If you are running low on space or don't mind slower look-ups, you can also move the jar file directly to your SD card.

Using your Android device only

DEPRECATED, use automatic installation instead.
  1. Install a file manager that can extract zip files - like ASTRO - from the Android Market.
  2. Start DictionaryForMIDs, press the Menu button, choose Dictionaries..., press again the Menu button and choose Download.
  3. Download a dictionary to your SD card.
  4. Use the file manager to extract the downloaded zip file into an empty/new directory. That directory should now include a jar file.
  5. Go back to DictionaryForMIDs and navigate to the jar file to load the dictionary.
Note: To speed up look-ups, you can also extract the jar file's contents to your SD card and navigate to the extracted dictionary directory to load it.

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