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Running DictionaryForMIDs on Android devices

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Version 1.0.1 (2015-02-09)
Package DictionaryForMIDs Android 1.0.1 (zipped apk file)
Source DictionaryForMIDs Android 1.0.1 (SVN)

1.0.1 (2015-02-09)
o Loading of multiple dictionaries at the same time
o Added & Updated translations
o Stability & Performance improvements

0.92.3 (2013-10-09)
o Fixed UI language Spanish

0.92.2 (2013-08-26)
o Updated UI language Tamil

0.92.1 (2013-08-19)
o Updated UI language Tamil
o Bug fix with loading dictionary from jar files
o Bug fix that caused a crash when switching dictionaries

0.92 (2013-07-09)
+ Added new UI languages: Tamil and Spanish (thanks to everyone helping translating at
+ Performance improvements on dictionary installation (prevent crashes on older devices)
+ Updated to latest DfM core
o Bug fix with loading dictionary list

0.91.1 (2012-07-15)
o Bug fix for color display (thanks to Gert)
o Bug fix for crash on restore of language drop-down items

0.91 (2012-07-10)
+ Show colors and styles from dictionary
+ Native Support for Android ICS (i.e. ICS theme)
o Bug fixes

0.90.1 (2012-01-20)
o Fixed bug that caused crash when loading dictionaries on older devices
o Fixed bug that caused dictionary selection dialog to be opened twice

0.90 (2012-01-15)
+ Introducing search as you type
+ Long-press on language selection opens dictionary selection dialog
o Fixed bug that caused crash when adding hidden dictionaries
o Fixed focus problem with input field
o Fixed bugs with dialog box when choosing dictionaries

0.14 (2011-12-21)
+ Introducing starred words feature (enable it in Menu → Preferences), ideal if you want to learn/remember new words.
o Bugfixes

0.13.1 (2010-12-21)
o Bugfix: back button now correctly exits the application on 2.1+ devices (thanks for reporting!)

0.13 (2010-12-20)
+ support for being queried by other apps (contact us if you are a developer)
+ menu-option to find hidden dict. for recent dictionaries
+ hide included dict. tab when not available
o performance improvements
o bugfixes, thanks for reporting!

0.12.1 (2010-06-18)
+ Added new language names to localization
+ Improved life-cycle: Dictionary gets reloaded if you return the application
+ Improvements from main branch (weak encryption, bug fixes, ...)
+ Detect state of SD-Card before installation
o Corrections for Esperanto translation
o Bugfix: Decimal separator was not correct in some localizations.

0.12 (2010-04-30)
+ Added new localization: Esperanto
+ Added normation for Esperanto
o Correction of Danish localization

0.11 (2010-04-02)
+ Added support for localization
+ Added localizations for: Danish, Hungarian, Urdu, Simplified and traditional Chinese
o Small bugfixes and performance improvements

0.10.3 (2009-10-10)
o Bugfix: Click on filtered list tried to install wrong dictionary

0.10.2 (2009-10-03)
+ Filter for list of installable dictionaries (thx to joggl)

0.10.1 (2009-09-13)
o Internal improvements to support new devices

0.10.0 (2009-09-04)
+ Automatic download and installation of dictionaries (OTA installation)
o Many small improvements

0.9.8 (2009-07-17)
+ Included changes from DictionaryForMIDs (added norwegian normation)
o Bugfix: Preferences for search mode now work as expected
o Small internal changes.

0.9.7 (2009-07-16)
First public release.