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These dictionaries are available for free download. Just download the .zip file to your PC. Unzip the file and install the JAD/JAR files on your cell phone, smartphone or PDA. For how to install the DictionaryForMIDs on your device, please see the documentation for your device.

Apart from these dictionaries, DictionaryForMIDs can be set up with any other dictionary, using the DictionaryForMIDs-Creator (DfM-Creator), see section Setting up additional dictionaries for DictionaryForMIDs.

Dictionaries for download

  1. Monolingual Dictionaries (by category/website/project)

  3. Bilingual Dictionaries (by category/website/project)

  5. Other Bilingual Dictionaries

    Please note that almost all of these dictionaries
    are actually {LanguageName}-English, for example:
    Turkmen-English, Tamil-English etc.
    Also note that almost all these bilinguals have
    their equivallent from the Freedict project and
    also from the OmegaWiki project.
    1. 25 Languages Wiktionary Dictionary (in one DictionaryForMIDs Jar File)
    2. Turkmen Bilinguals
    3. Tagalog-Spanish / Tagalog-German Bilinguals
    4. German Bilinguals set up by Marc Pauwels
    5. Armenian Bilinguals
    6. Czech Bilinguals
    7. Slovak Bilinguals
    8. Japanese Bilinguals
    9. Thai Bilinguals
    10. Khmer Bilinguals
    11. Hindi Bilinguals
    12. Tamil Bilinguals set up by StarsSoft and the DfM Projects
    13. Telugu Bilinguals
    14. Romanian Bilinguals
    15. Russian Bilinguals
    16. Chinese Bilinguals
    17. Turkish Bilinguals
    18. Hiligaynon Bilinguals
  6. Multilingual Dictionaries (by category/website/project)


DictionaryForMIDs on PCs

You can run DictionaryForMIDs also on a PC with a normal windows interface (instead of a cell phone/PDA). For more information see here.

If you are interested in seeing how DictionaryForMIDs runs in a cell phone using an emulator for PC, look at in the section "PC emulator versions".