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PC user interface - using DictionaryForMIDs on a PC

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On 12th December 2005 I started with the work for a small but easy to use version of DictionaryForMIDs without to use a mobile phone emulator. The first public version was released over christmas 2005. There are some possibilities to start this program: If your os is configured right, you can simply double click the jar file. If not, check if you have installed the Java Runtime Environment. You can download the Java RE on Suns Java Homepage. It is also possible to check the installation, open the console/terminal and type java -version. The version number should be 1.4 or higher. If you get an error (command not exists) then download the Java RE. If your only problem is that your compress util opens, you can do following: Open the console/terminal, change to DictionaryForMIDs directory and type java -jar DictionaryForMIDs.jar. If nothing helps, please visit our forum.

Open or change dictionaries on the fly
Support for dictionaries with more than two languages
Translate between two languages in each direction without to change any settings
Save settings and open saved dictionary on next start
Support copy to and from system clipboard

Manage many dictionaries and switch with less mouse clicks
Support for other program/gui languages

Known Bugs (Version 3.1.0)
If colour support activated, table sorting can be wrong!
Horizontal scrollbars don't work, please resize window manually, if needed!

If some of you have an idea, how to solve this, please write a mail to me, thanks.

It is possible to send feature requests at the Sourceforge project site. Alternatively you can discuss new ideas in our new forum. I can't promise that I will implement your feature request, but if I like the idea I'll give it a try :-).

System requirements
OSAny OS that runs the Java Standard Edition Runtime version 1.4 or newer.
RAMDepend on the size of the dictionary, but 20 MB free RAM should be enough.
DictionaryAny compatible dictionary from this page.

NameStefan "Stefan1200" Martens
eMailstefan (a)