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PC user interface - using DictionaryForMIDs on a PC

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Downloads (Last Stable)
Version2.7.0 RC4 (02.01.2006)
Java (81kb) (51kb)

Downloads (Last Beta)
Version3.1.0 Beta 1 (11.02.2007)
Java (139kb) (146kb)
* Note: You need a dictionary to use the J2SE/PC version.
If you haven't already one, please choose one from this page.

3.1.0 Beta 1 (11.02.2007)
+ Added Colour and other Textformatting support.
o Updated DictionaryForMids core to current internal version 3.1.0.

2.7.0 RC4 (02.01.2006)
+ Added menu entry to delete dictionary history.
+ Added new normations from vietnamese dictionary.
+ New error message if something could not be loaded from dictionary.
- Bugfix: Dictionary history was deleted while saving prefs.

2.7.0 RC3 (31.12.2005)
+ Now its possible to change the font for the table and input fields on-the-fly.
+ Support for not searchable languages.
- Bugfix: This version no longer crash if the first dictionary could not be opened.
o This pc version should be compatible with all dictionaries for DictionaryForMIDs 2.5.0 or higher now.

2.7.0 RC2 (27.12.2005)
+ Dictionary History in File menu: Open the last opened dictionaries with less mouse clicks.
+ New option in the File menu: Dictionary Information
  Shows you some informations about the dictionary.
o Small changes.

2.7.0 RC1 (24.12.2005)
First public release.
It is only a test version!