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Internet Dictionary Project (IDP) dictionaries

All of these dictionaries have been taken from the IDP (Internet Dictionary Project).
Note that for example: the English-Portuguese dictionary from the freedict dictionary below has many more words, still the IDP English-Portuguese version is useful for cell phones that don't support the freedict dictionary size.

Language Download Web App Size
English <> French DictionaryForMIDs_3.4.0_IDP(Eng-Fra).zip Web App (0.2 MB)
English <> German DictionaryForMIDs_3.4.0_IDP(Eng-Ger).zip Web App (0.4 MB)
English <> Italian DictionaryForMIDs_3.4.0_IDP(Eng-Ita).zip Web App (0.3 MB)
English <> Latin DictionaryForMIDs_3.4.0_IDP(Eng-Lat).zip Web App (0.7 MB)
English <> Portuguese DictionaryForMIDs_3.4.0_IDP(Eng-Por).zip Web App (0.2 MB)
English <> Spanish DictionaryForMIDs_3.4.0_IDP(Eng-Spa).zip Web App (0.4 MB)
English <> Turkmen Web App (0.5 MB)