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If you have any feedback or you need support, then please use the DictionaryForMIDs forum. In order to register at the forum send an email to Add your desired user name to the email. We will then create your user account for the forum.

If you have any problems with the registration at the forum, then send us an email with a problem description.


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Karim Mahamane Karimou
dfmcreator (a)
  • DfM-Creator
  • DictdToDictionaryForMIDs
  • DictionaryGeneration
  • JarCreator
  • BitmapFontGenerator
Stars Soft (a)
  • Dictionary Publishing
Stefan Martens
stefan (a)
  • Forum Administration
  • DictionaryForMIDs on PCs
Gert Nuber
For contacting, please use the DictionaryForMIDs Forum; send an email with your desired user name to

Private email address: Email to DictionaryForMIDs

  • DictionaryForMIDs development
  • General Administration
Achim Weimert (a)
  • DictionaryForMIDs development for Android

See also the list of contributors for a list of people who contributed to DictionaryForMIDs.