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Persons who contributed to the project

The following persons contributed to the DictionaryForMIDs project (alphabetical sorting according to family name):

Gottfried W. Amhof Previous hoster of our forum (Homepage)
Edson Massanori Anzai Portuguese user interface translation (email: edson (a)
Arsen Arzumanyan Russian and Spanish user interface translation (email: arsen_a75 (a)
Zhijian Chen Website Conversion and Maintaining (email: Zhijian Chen) (
James Davidson Set up the SMS Shorthand dictionary (email: james (a)
Peter Hamer Set up the English-Romanian dictionary (email: phamer (a)
Damien Hanssens Submitted Thai IME (Input Method Editor)
Mathis Karmann Developed JarCreator
Sean Kernohan DictionaryForMIDs development (email: webmaster (a)
Heiko Klein Norwegian user interface translation, German-Norwegian dictionary, bug fixes (email: heiko.klein (a)
Peter Kmet Set up of English-Slovak and English-Chech dictionaries.
Plus adminstrative support on the DictionaryForMIDs project. (email: peter.kmet (a)
Joshua Koo Implemented support for 'loadable dictionaries' (; email: zz85 (a)
Michael Kopecky Developed several Normation classes. Set up of several Czech dictionaries (contact here)
Jeff Krengel Set up the Japanese, Thai, Hindi (India), and Khmer (Cambodia) dictionaries (email: jeffkrengel (a)
Leow Hock Soon Sean Implemented Japanese character conversion (Hiragana - Katakana - Romaji) (email: leowhss (a)
Stefan Martens Developer of 'DictionaryForMIDs on PCs' and active maintainer of our DictionaryForMIDs forum. Special member of the "DictionaryForMIDs Hall of Fame" due to his permanent support for the DictionaryForMIDs project :) (email: stefan (a)
Ryan Newson Support for fixing of the "Application Error" problem on Motorola mobiles (email: rwnewson (at)
Jacob Nordfalk Esperanto and Danish user interface translation. Support from MicroEmu and other tasks. (jacob.nordfalk (at)
Gert Nuber Started the DictionaryForMIDs project (
Kubilay Ozan Set up the English-Turkish dictionary (email: kozan (a)
Sebastian Loziczky Development of additional features and improvements. Set up the German-Chinese HanDeDict dictionary. Fixed problems with SonyEricsson mobiles. (bastil (a)
Marc Pauwels Set up the Dutch dictionaries
Eric Peterson Conversion from pinyin with tone numbers to pinyin with accents for Chinese CEDICT dictionary. (
Stars Soft
V.P. Guru
Dictionary Publishing Coordinator (email: (a) )
Bernd Tinkl Improved Web-Layout and Co-Web-Maintainer (
Lars Torkuhl Set up the English-Chinese CEDICT dictionary.
Contribution of several user interface translations. (email: lars (a)
Vu Van Quynh Set up the Vietnamese dictionaries and DictionaryForMIDs development (email: quynh2003hp (a)
Achim Weimert Developer of 'DictionaryForMIDs for Android' (email: (a)


Other open source projects from which DictionaryForMIDs does benefit

GNU Classpath
DictionaryForMIDs uses part of the GNU Classpath Properties class implementation.
Also DictionaryForMIDs uses the GNU Classpath package.
J2ME Polish
DictionaryForMIDs uses J2ME Polish tools and classes for the creation and handling of bitmap fonts.