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The dictionary archive

Jeff Krengel does maintain an archive of the dictionaries for DfM. That means he is collecting the CSV files that go to DictionaryGeneration ('inputdictionaryfile') along with the file and any other files that belong to the dictionary, such as copyright files, maybe source files or whatever else.

We plan that roughly one time per year we will set up all dictionaries in the archive with the latest version of DictionaryForMIDs.

Sending your dictionary for inclusion to the dictionary archive

Please submit your dictionary to Jeff's dictionary archive. We will then be able to release your dictionary on future versions of DictionaryForMIDs.

Of course, please be encouraged to do further maintanance for your dictionary. For example, the source dictionary may get updated after some time. If there is a major update of your dictionary source, please compile and updated version of the inputdictionaryfile and send it to Jeff.

For contacting Jeff, please see Jeff's email address at Contributor List.

Or as always, contact us for questions !