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Bitmap Font functionality

Released with DictionaryForMIDs 3.0.2 was bitmap font functionality. This allows you to display foreign characters on a device which does not natively support these characters.

For example, you may have a mobile phone which only displays English characters, but you wish to use a Japanese dictionary on it. Bitmap fonts are specifically designed to solve this problem!

Great! How do I use it?

Under "display options" in DictionaryForMIDs settings, there is an option labelled "Use bitmap font". Select this option, and any translation results will be displayed using the currently installed bitmap font, rather than your devices built-in font.

However, note that the "use bitmap font" option will be hidden from view unless you do in fact have a bitmap font installed.

OK, so where do I get this font?

Currently, there are no plans to distribute a generic bitmap font file with the DictionaryForMIDs base release. Due to the fact that a bitmap font covering many different languages would take up a very large amount of space, it is not possible to distribute one large font file. At a later date, language-specific font files may be distributed within DictionaryForMIDs releases which are packaged with a dictionary.

So, you will need to create a bitmap font yourself and incorporate it with DictionaryForMIDs. This can be done with the BitmapFontGenerator ( (192 kB); this is the right version for DictionaryForMIDs >= 3.1.1).

Help! What's this generator thing?

To use the BitmapFontGenerator, you will require a Java runtime environment to be installed on your computer. Most computers will already have this installed, but if yours doesn't, please visit to learn more.

Once you have the runtime environment set up, simply run toolkit.jar which is within the BitmapFontGenerator distribution file. You will now be required to fill in the three fields to generate a font file.

Essentially, what the generator does, is scan through your DictionaryForMIDs dictionary to determine every unique character which is contained within it. This ensures that the bitmap font which is created will contain all of the required characters.

You will need to fill in the fields as follows:

You may choose:

After clicking "Start", it will create your font and save it in your dictionary directory as fonts\. To create more than one font-size, just choose another size and click "start" again. The last font size created will be the default font size. Now when you run JarCreator, the bitmap font will be automatically included in the DictionaryForMIDs jar file. If everything has gone to plan, the "Use bitmap font" setting will now be enabled within DictionaryForMIDs.

Wait a minute, the generator didn't work

Below is a list of possible error messages, and what they mean.

But it still doesn't work!

Please contact us with a problem report. The font generator is still under development, so we will do our best to fix any bugs that arise.

End result

The ability to display foreign characters on a device which does not support that language.