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Accessing the SVN repository

SVN directories

The following SVN directories contain the DictionaryForMIDs tools and applications:

SVN directory Description

The DictionaryForMIDs Android application.

Build Contains the build.xml file. This build.xml file is used to build (i.e. compile and create jar files) each of the applications/tools. See also below.
DictionaryForMIDs Common parts of DictionaryForMIDs (platform independent).
DictionaryForMIDs-Creator Covers the following tools:
- BitmapFontGenerator
- DictdToDictionaryForMIDs
- DictionaryGeneration
- JarCreator
JavaME The DictionaryForMIDs Java ME (cell phone / PDA) application.
JavaSE The DictionaryForMIDs Java SE (PC) application.
LanguageUIGeneration The LanguageUIGeneration tool.
WebApp The DictionaryForMIDs browser application.

Accessing the SVN repository

General information on SVN see the SourceForge documentation on Subversion.

Everyone can access the SVN repository via the anonymous SVN service:

There is no username/password for the anonymous SVN service

Access for developers is granted by the DictionaryForMIDs project Admin, see contact.
Note for developers: please take care to preserve the formatting of the files !

There are plenty of tools and development environments that support SVN. Here is a description for Eclipse:

SVN access with Eclipse

Accessing SVN with Eclipse is very simple. Just create a new project as "Project from SVN":

On the next page of the wizard select "Create a new repository location", then after a "Next" enter the URL:

Press "Browse" and select the tool or application that you want to use. Normally, you will choose the 'trunk':

You then can proceed to set up your project with your preferred settings (e.g. use default location in workspace, etc.).


Browsing the SVN repository with a Web Frontend

You can browse the SVN repository with the sourceforge web frontend: