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The LanguageUIGeneration tool


DictionaryForMIDs supports a multi-language user interface. The texts for the different languages are stored in the file DictionaryForMIDs.languages. For a description of the format of the file DictionaryForMIDs.languages see the header of DictionaryForMIDs.languages. The file DictionaryForMIDs.languages is found in the directory src/de/kugihan/dictionaryformids/hmi_java_me/uidisplaytext.

The LanguageUIGeneration tool reads the file DictionaryForMIDs.languages and generates the files and These two files are part of the DictionaryForMIDs source tree and are compiled like all other DictionaryForMIDs Java files.

Using the LanguageUIGeneration tool

LanguageUIGeneration is a command line tool. You start the LanguageUIGeneration tool as following:

java -jar LanguageUIGeneration.jar inputdirectory outputdirectory
		inputdirectory: file from which the file DictionaryForMIDs.languages is read
		outputdirectory: pathname where the generated files and are written to.


The LanguageUIGeneration package can be downloaded here: (200 kB)