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This tool converts dictionary files in the DICT format to a CSV-file that can directly be read by DictionaryGeneration. DictdToDictionaryForMIDs makes use of the great JDictd implementation from Ho Ngoc Duc. You need to download the source of JDictd in order to use DictdToDictionaryForMIDs. There is no need to run JDictd, you just need to have the source code.

Here is the source code of DictdToDictionaryForMIDs (this is source code only): (5kB)

In the source file there is an explanation on how to configure DictdToDictionaryForMIDs. Basically you have to set the value of a few variables, for example you have to define the name of the DICT-database.

As always: if you have any problem send me an email!