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DictionaryUpdate - class / Advanced features

public Vector createKeyWordVector(String expression, String expressionSplitString) {
// default implementation, see class DictionaryUpdate}

The method createKeyWordVector is called from DictionaryGeneration to create the keywords for the index files. This is a default implementation provided in the class DictionaryUpdate. This default implementation may be adapted to specifics for a dictionary, for example when there is a need to search with additional expressions. Examples:
- CEDICT (DictionaryUpdateCEDICTChi): find Chinese words also with Pinyin.
- EDICT (DictionaryUpdateEDICTJpn): find Japanese words with Kanji and Hiragana

createKeyWordVector returns a Vector of IndexKeyWordEntry. For adding the IndexKeyWordEntry objects to the Vector, use DictionaryUpdateLib.addKeyWordExpressions. Put into the index all index expressions that may be used to find the dictionary expression.  

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