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The DictionaryGeneration (GUI) Documentation

Creating a file

After converting the dictionary file into a CSV file, you have to generate the dictionary files into the format of DictionaryForMIDs. For that, you have to use DictionaryGeneration. Note that before generating the files, you have to create a properties file ( To create such file you can use just about any text editor, but it is far more convenient to use the application 'PropertiesEditor' included in DictionaryForMIDs-Creator. PropertiesEditor makes it very easier and very pleasant to create a properties file. Almost everything is there written for you, you just have to choose among ComboBoxes, Lists, CheckBoxes etc. and PropertiesEditor will write the final file for you.

Create and Edit buttons

Hit the Create button to launch the PropertiesEditor window.
Hit the Edit an Existing... button to select a file and launch the PropertiesEditor to edit it and adapt it to another dictionary file.

Creating a file from scratch

The PropertiesEditor window. Click here to view the image in its full size.

Go here for the complete documentation on how to create a file with DfM-Creator's PropertiesEditor.

Editing an Existing file

If you already have a properties file that only has to be modified so as to be used with another dictionary file, you should hit the Edit an Existing Properties File button. A window will pop up and enable you to choose the file. The file should have the name otherwise you cannot edit it.

The Properties Preview/Edit window
Properties Preview/Edit window

After finishing to manually edit your properties file, save it with the Save button.

Filling the fields in

After creating a properties file you have to specify its location, the location of the destination directory and the full path to the input CSV file (either converted by DictdToDictionaryForMIDs or created directly from Microsoft Office's Excel or's Impress). After that, hit the Generate Dictionary Files button. This will take you to the dictionary generation preferences summary window and will enable you to actually generate the dictionary files.

Example of DictionaryGeneration Settings

Launching the dictionary generation preferences summary window

Below is a screen-shot of the summary window. Hit the Generate button to go on to the actual dictionary generation process. Note that this process might take up to hours to complete; depending on the size of the input dictionary file.

Dictionary Generation Preferences Summary Window

Generating the dictionary files

Hit the Generate button to launch the generation process. If everything goes well, DictionaryForMIDs-Creator will generate your dictionary files in a directory named dictionary that is created under the output directory you provided.