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General discussions / Re: Delete dictionary?
« Last post by axin on 23. April 2017, 22:25:15 »
Hi wildgrace,

Great question! I just double-checked and you are completely right, there is currently no build-in way to completely remove a downloaded dictionary.

What you can do is the following:
1. Go to "Download" -> "Recent"
2. Note the path to the directory (or file) of the dictionary
3. Then long-press on the dictionary you don't need and tap on "Remove from list"

Now you can use any third-party file manager to navigate to the noted path and delete it completely, for example OI File Manager (free and no ads).

Hope that helps,

General discussions / Re: Delete dictionary?
« Last post by Gert on 22. April 2017, 10:31:18 »
Achim will certainly be able to answer this question. I did contact him on this.

General discussions / Delete dictionary?
« Last post by wildgrace on 21. April 2017, 12:56:57 »
I would like to delete a dictionary as I no longer need it. How do I delete it?

I tried looking online and in the forum and could not find an answer.  Thanks.
General discussions / Re: DfM webApp 4 - Initiation
« Last post by Gert on 24. April 2016, 13:24:31 »
I just tested the current WebApp with an iPad Air 2, iOS 9.3.1: works fine!

General discussions / Some Web Page cleanup ongoing
« Last post by Gert on 12. December 2015, 08:12:55 »
I am currently doing some cleanup on the web pages.

Will inform you about the progress.

Hello Achim,

sorry for the delay, I was not here in the last month.

I made a quick test. I still prefer if everything is folded if there are multiple dictionary results.

Just as an example:
I have both languages of the freedict English / German dictionary enabled and looking for the word auto.
The english language has more search results, but if I look for the English translation of Auto (car), I have to fold english and unfold German.
Maybe this is a special case and other people like it how it is now. But there could be an option in the settings like "Auto unfold language with most results" or something like that.
General discussions / Re: DfM webApp 4 - Initiation
« Last post by Gert on 14. December 2014, 09:11:59 »
A minor point for improvement: would it be possible to include the name of the dictionary in the title (the text that is shown in the tab of the browser). Hmmm, where does the dictionary name come from ? How did we do that for JavaME and Android ? I mean something like "English - German (Freedict)".

Also it would be nice to be able to display dictionary.infoText which contains information about the dictionary.

With best greetings,
General discussions / Re: DfM webApp 4 - Initiation
« Last post by Gert on 08. December 2014, 05:58:57 »
Now also the multilingual dictionary does start fine for me !

About that 'warning message' (which states that the dictionary will be downloaded what may cause cost on a non-flatrate mobile connection): would that be possible to include that message for the 'final' version ?

Best greetings,
General discussions / Re: DfM webApp 4 - Initiation
« Last post by starssoft on 25. November 2014, 03:04:31 »
I've removed that alert temporary.  It looks fine with chrome and it seems to be optimised for android stock browser.

Kindly clean the cache and try again...
General discussions / Re: DfM webApp 4 - Initiation
« Last post by Gert on 24. November 2014, 19:22:22 »
The bilingual dictionary looks nice !

Side note: when I had my first look at the new version then there was an error; I think maybe because an old version was still in the app cache; after reloading the bilingual dictionary the problem was gone. Maybe if you incremented the "Version" in the file cache_mini_hmi_files.manifest, then that problem would not occur.

About the Multilingual: that dictionary does not work for me: there is a message "Dear user ... flat rate ..."; also when proceeding with yes then the application is closed; maybe this is also because there is still an old version in the app cache of my browser ?

With best greetings,
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