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Experimental: Steps for loading dictionaries from the file system of a cell phone/PDA

Currently the Loadable Dictionaries feature is 'experimental'. 'Loadable Dictionaries' are not part of the "stable" DictionaryForMIDs features. Do not expect a perfectly  working solution ! Do not try to use Loadable Dictionaries unless you like to experiment !  Please note that because of the currently missing certificate for DictionaryForMIDs, on most cell phone devices it is extremely annoying to use the 'Loadable Dictionary' feature: you may get a flood of confirmation messages each time when a translation is done (these confirmation messages ask you to grant permission to the file system; see also support for Loadable Dictionaries for more information). Please do not complain about any hassle when you try to use the Loadable Dictionaries !!

Some cell phone devices do not have the problem of confirmation messages, e.g. newer Samsung models seem to work well there. In any case your report in the DictionaryForMIDs forum is always welcome.

Also note that your device needs to support JSR 75 (basically all devices that were released in 2006 or later do have support for JSR 75).

You have to use exactly this version for loadable dictionaries:
If that version is too big to be installed on your cell phone, please make a posting in the DictionaryForMIDs forum.

If you have any problem, please make a posting in the DictionaryForMIDs forum !


Alternative 1: use the downloaded JAR-files directly

Note that this alternative 1 may result in _very_ long translation times for big dictionaries ! E.g. for the 10 MB CEDICT alternative 1 will be not usable on most devices, because of the long translation times.



Alternative 2: extract the dictionary files from the JAR-file (faster)


If you have any problem or if you like to tell us about your experience with Loadable Dictionaries, please make a posting in the DictionaryForMIDs forum.