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Web App - run DictionaryForMIDs in a web browser

Main features:

For example, say, you like to download the 'IDP English-Latin' dictionary:

  1.  In your web browser you open EngLat (IDP)/

    ->  The Web App will be downloaded to your internet browser along with the complete IDP English-Latin dictionary
    ->  The downloaded files will be stored by your internet browser; no more need for an internet connection !


  2. With the Web App you get your translations as you wish; when you are done, then you simple close the Web App in your intenet browser

  3. Next time you want to use Web App, then you simply open again EngLat (IDP)/ [best you bookmark that address]

            ->  The Web App will be loaded from the downloaded files
            ->  Also all dictionary files are accessed from the downloaded files

You internet browser must be a modern HTML5 web browser. It must support at least the following features:

However - as of now the Web App is still under development. The Translation Layer is complete (i.e. all the translation features work), and we have the crude 'mini_hmi'. But we still search for an HTML5 developer to implement a nice user interface, read more here.

In our DictionaryForMIDs forum we have the board DictionaryForMIDs Web App. Please read there for the latest updates on the Web App. And please post there your experience and wishes about the Web App !