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Setup with multiple source dictionaries

The standard way to setup a DictionaryForMIDs dictionary is to use one input dictionary file.  An index will be generated for both the left and right languages.

For these dictionaries an expression ABC will translate to XYZ.  XYZ will also translate back to ABC. However, there are also some dictionaries where ABC translates to XYZ, but XYZ translates to DEF.  For this kind of dictionary you will need to setup your dictionary files a little differently.

Instead of using a single input dictionary file, you will use 2 input files, one for the ABC to XYZ translation, and one for the XYZ to DEF translation.  Then you will run DictionaryGeneration within the DictionaryForMIDs-Creator 2 times.  Here are the details of the process.

Step 1: Run DictionaryGeneration

	language1HasSeparateDictionaryFile: true
	language2HasSeparateDictionaryFile: true
	language1IsSearchable: true
	language2IsSearchable: false
	language1GenerateIndex: true
	language2GenerateIndex: false
	language1IsSearchable: false
	language2IsSearchable: true
	language1GenerateIndex: false
	language2GenerateIndex: true

Step 2: Edit your outputted file

	language1IsSearchable: true
	language2IsSearchable: true

Step 3: Run JarCreator to package the generated dictionary files in the empty DictionaryForMIDs.jar/jad