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Putting the generated files in DictionaryForMIDs.jar

JarCreator is now a GUI application that is part of the DictionaryForMIDs-Creator. For a complete documentation on how to create DictionaryForMIDs.jar/jad midlet for your generated dictionary files with JarCreator, go here

Note that you can still access to the older command line version of JarCreator throught DictionaryForMIDs-Creator by coding the following on the command line (Linux Terminal or Windows Command Prompt):

Updating DictionaryForMIDs.jar manually (without JarCreator)

(if you are using JarCreator, continue with Sample DictionaryForMIDs.jar)
Normally you should be using JarCreator, because JarCreator will automatically take care of a lot of things. Still, alternatively to using JarCreator, you can also manually package the dictionary files in the empty DictionaryForMIDs.jar. For that, you use a ZIP-utility such as:

In the file DictionaryForMIDs.jar add the directory "dictionary" including all the generated files. Important: in the JAR-file the generated files _must_ be in the directory dictionary, otherwise you will receive an error message when you will proceed to some translation. Depending on the ZIP-utility that you are using, adding the files in the directory dictionary can be little bit tricky.

If you are including a bitmap font with the dictionary, the file font.bmf must be moved out of the directory dictionary. It must be into a new directory called fonts . Bitmap font support will not be available in DictionaryForMIDs unless the font file is in the correct directory. The fonts folder should be at the same level as the dictionary directory in the midlet file tree.

After adding the dictionary files, you need to adjust the property MIDlet-Jar-Size in the file DictionaryForMIDs.jad. Put precisely the file size of the file DictionaryForMIDs.jar behind this property, such as here

MIDlet-Jar-Size: 58037

Sample DictionaryForMIDs.jar

Here is an example on setting a dictionary up in DictionaryForMIDsp. You can see there that the generated files are in the directory "dictionary": (66 kB).